Sunday, January 31, 2016

A very Special Donation and a Finish.

 While I was in Melbourne this fabulous quilt arrived from Delys R. In W.A. Delys I'm so sorry not to write you a personal thank you and I searched everywhere for your email address but couldn't find it. The quilt was made by Delys's daughter and it only requires binding. Sorry that the photo is sideways but it's large and I had to have DH hold it up so I could take a photo. I love the "birdies on a branch" fabric and it will be treasured by the recipient. Delys has requested that it be donated to Impact and I know they will be thrilled to donate it on your behalf.
     Delys also included a lovely long strip of fabric in the Chinese Coins style, for me to make some backings a bit wider when required.
    I also quilted another top for my Melbourne Quilting group's Gift Quilt program. It's our first meeting of the year tomorrow and thankfully it won't be too hot. My last piece of news is that we found the perfect wedding gown for my beautiful daughter and she is thrilled and relieved as it is just over six months to the wedding. All of the other plans for the wedding are going smoothly so I'm hoping to get some more quilts finished in Feb. to donate. I know Impact are collecting toiletries, pretty soaps, small bags etc, as well as the quilts to be distributed to the women in their programs for Mother's Day. I only gave a couple of QAYG blocks left so that will keep me busy building up my supply again. We had a lovely rainy day today and it was so nice to know that our rain water tanks are full, and that I was able to quilt without feeling like I am melting.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Maria said...

Such a thoughtful gift from Delys and daughter...
How nice that your daughter has found her wedding dress for her special day..

Linda said...

Delighted to hear your daughter has found The Dress. Enjoy the lead up to the wedding day. Hope you find time to make some more string blocks. Lovely donated quilt from Delys's daughter.