Saturday, December 19, 2015

Yes It's Extremely Hot.

 Yesterday the temperature was 41C (106F) and today it was 42C (108F). Even though we have evaporative air conditioning, I over heat if I try to sew or quilt as I can never get the cooling breeze where I am working. I didn't get much done yesterday other than some hand sewing but today I really wanted to get some more donation quilts finished.
     I took one of our pedestal fans and directed it where I was sewing and put together donated QAYG blocks to make a quilt for a woman. I also found a donated top which measured 50 inches square. I really don't find square quilts to be very functional and usually try to make them larger by adding borders. With this top I trimmed the side squares down and then added dark red borders, wider for the top and bottom to make the quilt longer. I bound it with a light blue fabric to match the blue border between the different sized squares. The red is actually brighter than shown in the photo and adding borders has made it a size which will be more appropriate for an older child. These quilts are both going to victims of domestic violence.
     The very cute cot quilt was made by a member of my Melbourne quilt group. Marg C. makes beautiful cot quilts and I quilt them for her and then they are donated to kids with cancer or in foster care.
    My final photo shows the fabric strip I use to make backing fabric wide enough for a larger top. Linda, these strips measure 6.5 inches in width but any size would work. I can make them into Chinese Coins quilts, even if they vary in width and any leftovers will be used in other donation quilts. I'm glad that I decided to just get started sewing in front of the fan and it really wasn't too bad when I was distracted by sewing.
Many thanks, Jan Mac


Linda said...

Thanks for the coin strips measurements , Jan. When a I am in NZ next month I'll look out some scraps and make some strips for you.

Carol E. said...

Wow, I hope you find a way to stay cool, hopefully the weather will cooperate. That is HOT! It's winter here, but it has been very mild. We don't even have any snow, really weird for Minnesota.