Friday, December 18, 2015

How You Can Help.

I have decided to make at least 50 quilts for my next delivery to an organization which helps women and children who have been displaced from their home due to domestic violence.  I currently have 8 ready to go and will work steadily towards my target. I'm actually hoping to make more but will aim for 25 to be delivered by early February next year.
   Some of you are already very generously making and sending QAYG blocks which have been a wonderful help in getting quilts finished and donated. If you don't have time or scraps to make the blocks I can also use scraps of a shorter length made into long strips. I then use these to make backings wider, by sewing a strip of them down the middle or I can also make them into Chinese Coins quilts and any colors of scraps work with them. Some quilters have donated tops and others have sent the strips and both work well.
     I can also always use any fabric to make backings. The largest size I usually make for donation quilts are 50x70 inches but backings of any size are great as I can add to them to make them larger. I can also use any strips cut 2.5 inches in width to join the QAYG blocks. An adult size quilt uses 21 of these strips which is about 1.5 meters of fabric and the smaller size I make uses 16 strips which uses about 1 meter of fabric and any color works with these quilts. If you don't gave a meter of one fabric I can also use a mix of colors with a different fabric for the outer binding.
     I know everyone is already busy but if you spare a thought for those poor women and kids who are victims of domestic violence, and have a small amount of time, any of these donations would bless those in need.
Many thanks for all your help to date. You are bringing joy to so many needy people but sadly the need
is still great.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Linda said...

Good luck with making your quilts for the women and children who are fleeing from violence. Such a dreadful thing and I am sure your bright quilts will cheer up their lives. What width of coin strips are best for you? Happy Christmas to you all your family.

Michele Hill said...

You are incredible Jan……so giving of your time. Big (hot 44C) hugs from over the border xx

Jan Mac said...

Thanks for your lovely comments, Linda and Michele. It really helps to keep me motivated when I receive blog comments, especially in this heat. LOL

Cat said...

I admire what you do !!! I've been one of these woman so thank you from me xxx