Thursday, October 29, 2015

Today's Tour to Old Town Spring.

 Well today was a bus tour on the Pink Panther to Old Town Spring to see some quaint village shops. It was relaxing to wander around the town, visiting two quilt shops and lots of antique and gift shops.
Lunch included the largest diet coke I have seen and a lovely lunch of grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and beans. I had a lovely time chatting with lots of other quilters.
    From there things took a strange turn. We visited a Funeral Museum which even had a gift shop! The smell, as we entered the building, was not pleasant but there was nothing else of interest in the area. There were displays of the Presidential funerals, with the exception of Nixon. It was a somber conclusion to the day, which was unfortunate but lunch was fun.
   Tomorrow I have another 8 hours of classes. I hope I can last the distance.
Hugs, Jan Mac


jacaranda said...

Thank you Jan for your posts, I am enjoying the journey via your blog. I read about the funeral museum last time in Houston, but wasn't sure if it was worth visiting. Keep on enjoying your classes.

Linda said...

Well the town, shops and lunch sounded good but the Funeral Museum sounded bizarre! Glad I didn't have to visit it. Enjoy the rest of your trip.