Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Class With Pepper Cory.

 Well what a whirlwind of quilting busy-ness we have been having in Houston. There was to be a tropical storm or hurricane on its way but luckily we have only had rain and some strong wind and it seems to be blowing itself out now. Instead we have been nice and dry and seeing all the new products which are being introduced to the Market.
    We had a very full day yesterday with lots of networking with other quilters and sharing our common interests of quilting techniques. This morning I made sure to be up in plenty of time as I had an early class with Pepper Cory. I have been reading Pepper's magazine articles for years and it was so lovely to finally meet her. The class was on how to combine machine and hand quilting in a quilt. She also started with sharing marketing ideas for shop owners. Even though I don't have a shop I found it was very interesting.
   Pepper had made us all a block and we marked it with a stencil and started hand quilting the block. I will finish it and I asked Pepper to sign mine so I will have a lovely memento of my visit to Market.
Pepper also showed a couple of quilts she had finished by machine quilting the blocks along the stitching lines and then hand quilting in the blank spaces. I'll share my finish when I get home as I start more long arm classes tomorrow and the week will be fairly busy again. Busy or not, it sure is fun.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

very interesting Jan .love to see more photo,s
of your work .so much to learn in quilting
and as you write in your blog ,too litle time.