Friday, September 25, 2015

A Gift, A Finish And A New Beginning.

 I received 14 of these beautiful QAYG blocks from Delys Rogers in W.A and they will help me to make some more lovely quilts to donate. Many thanks for your lovely gift of blocks to donate on your behalf, Delys.
    I've also finished another crocheted blanket from the squares I crocheted on our last trip to Qld and this one will also be donated to the organization which works with homeless teenagers.
    My new beginning is a dress for my DD's engagement party. We found some lovely dresses earlier in the week on our shopping expedition but none really were exactly what she wanted so I decided to make one. I have a few days off between working nights, as soon as I recover from this week's work, and I made progress today. She came home from Melbourne for a couple of days so there will be lots of sewing and fitting taking place to make sure it fits correctly. I'm making the strapless dress and I'm up to stitching the boning into the bodice. I'm hoping to put the zip in tomorrow and get most of it finished.
I'll be off to bed early tonight as it's been a very big week.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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Maria said...

Sew nice to be making something for your self Jan. I like the colour of your fabric for the dress.

Lovely blocks Dalys sent and your crocheted rug is bright and snuggley.