Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Only Two.

 I've been busy with family commitments so have had a few days break from quilting. Today there was time to quilt and bind two more donated tops. The first one was set as a square top so I took one row of blocks off the side and added them to the length so the quilt would suit an adult male.
    The second quilt was also made in adult colors but in a child's size so I took the borders off, then took a row of blocks off each side and added them to the length. Then I added an extra border in green and then added an extra square of fabric to each border so that the borders would fit. Adding dark green and gold corner blocks tied in with the quilt colors.
      It takes a little time to alter some of these tops but I think it's worth it if the quilt is a more appropriate size as I find square tops just aren't practical in the sizes which are donated. I have also been busy piecing backings and making bindings so hope to have a few more finishes to share soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Annette said...

Hi Jan,
I love reading your blog and am always amazed at the amount of beautiful work you get through.
Donation quilts are something I want to make once I'm retired.
I'm interested to know why you prefer a long quilt rather than square, is it a long quilt will wrap around a person.
I usually make a square so will be interested to hear why?
Take care, Annette

marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

Love the quilts ,especialy the one with yellow border.
hugs Marijke

Dawn said...

Very nice! I am very impressed with all you do!