Thursday, May 21, 2015

South-West WA and the Stirling Ranges

 We had a wonderful trip seeing South West WA and are now back home. Sorry I had such a long break from blogging dear readers. We didn't have much internet access while we were away and I took lots of photos so it's nice to have time to see them on the bigger computer screen.
 This is the most South-western part of WA just put of Albany.

 We also visited the Stirling Ranges and Ray attempted climbing Bluff Knoll but ran out of daylight to complete the climb.

 The lovely beaches were a delight for us and they were deserted apart from some hardy fishermen and where we live is flat and inland.

I hope you enjoy some of our holiday snaps too.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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Kate said...

It is a fabulous part of the country. When I went to South africa with my mother in law we went to Port St Johns which was supposed to be the best beach in South Africa, Mrs Fitz said 'Well it's O.K.but not as good as beaches around Albany!'