Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Time For Some Appliqué.

 It's continuing to be very hot here but as it's our summer I guess we should expect it to continue for awhile. Temperatures of 41 degrees Celsius do become a bit wearing when they continue for several days. I have my youngest DD's house lot of curtains to make as well as more tops to quilt but I'm waiting for some cooler weather for those larger jobs. In the meantime I've prepped another of my Chester County Criswell quilt block to needle turn appliqué.I'm still loving back basting for my applique and I'm using a lovely French general fabric by Moda. I'm not sure if all the blocks will look cohesive enough when they are done but may have to swap a few out if they "don't play nicely" with the others. On the other hand they are replicating a community quilt where all the different quilters would have different fabrics on hand which may not all suit each other, but when the quilt is finished these imperfections are much less noticeable.

I've also started appliquéing these lovely feedback Dresden Plate blocks onto 6.5 inch backgrounds. I bought 59 of them from an antique dealer in Houston and plan to set them with alternate white blocks which I plan on quilting with some sort of design to complement them.
Stitching some appliqué blocks is much cooler than wrestling with curtains or quilt tops but I hope to get some cooler weather so I can cross them off my "To Do" list.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

Hello Jan, I can see clearly now on the photo how you do the applique.I will try this .love the dresden blocks