Saturday, January 17, 2015

Playing With Scraps.

 I was supposed to be making curtains but I started sewing some of my scraps while the family slept and then found it was too much fun to stop. I printed out the patterns yesterday and I'm surprised at how such tiny pieces of fabric are still useable. The squares measure 3 inches finished and there are 17 pieces in each 3 inch square. I've decided to alternate the position of light and dark in alternate squares and it's becoming a memory quilt as I'm working with lots of scraps from previous quilts. I'm joining 4 of the blocks together so I have something I can show but also mix up the fabrics as I make new blocks. These pieces are really small enough that you would normally discard them but they are fun to work with and the curtains will have to wait a bit.
I've made 18 squares so far and still have plenty of scraps although I have less light fabrics than any others. I want to get another UFO done too but these are fun to make when I only have a little time to sew.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Linda said...

Do you mean the finished blocks are 3" square? If so that must mean each piece is minute. Very pretty block,s nice colour choices.

Jan Mac said...

Yes Linda. These blocks are 3.5inches but 3 inches when sewn together. Tiny scraps are being used. Crazy but fun.