Friday, January 23, 2015

Not Another UFO.

 I really wanted to finish this quilt so it doesn't become another UFO. I finished sewing the blocks together and attached the borders. It really should have been easy to finish it with the quilting as I'd also pieced the backing fabric.
  Unfortunately my quilting machine was having a bad day. First it kept breaking thread and then when I advanced the quilt I found I wasn't happy with the tension of the stitching underneath. So I spent the rest of my quilting time taking out two rows of quilting. I did manage to make a few adjustments and quilt another row but I'm not really happy with that either so it can sit and wait while I go off to my paid job. I'm determined to get it done and will leave it on the machine until it's quilted. It's disappointing as I have the Split Nine Patch top to quilt as well but there will hopefully a better result later in the week.
Hugs, Jan Mac


marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

the machine needed a time off I think .have a nice weekend

Linda said...

Have you managed to solve the problem with your machine? Hope so - it's so annoying when you are on a roll and want to finish a project.