Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Next Finish.

 This was the dresser runner which I bought in Houston and I couldn't resist re-making it to preserve it. The hexagon flowers were nicely made but the connecting white hexes weren't and it had been cut through some of the hexagon flowers and some of the pieces had frayed quite badly. I have re-made it  with the hexagons a bit smaller to avoid the damaged and weakened fabric. I started it at the start of November 2014 and finished it tonight. It's a very sweet little cot sized quilt and it will make a lovely memento of my time in Houston at IQF. I had to repair some of the hexes which had been cut in half and I also had to substitute some fabrics when I didn't have enough to make the hexie flowers from all of the same fabric. All of the fabric is the original from the 1930s except the borders and I used a 1930s reproduction fabric on the binding.
I'm really pleased with it and really wanted it finished before I start on my next rescue project of the Red and cream Lone Star top.
It's great to have some finishes so quickly and have plenty more to go. Back to deciding on my next UFO finish.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Linda said...

What a marvellous job you have made of the sad little quilt you bought. You have done a great rescue job. I agree, it is now a lovely momentous. Well done! Keep up the good work - you are obviously on a roll!

debbiesc1 said...

Very nice job, the quilt is so pretty. I started sewing hexes and now my hand hurts and I can sew them without pain. so I have a few and want to use them for a project. It is so hard to be creative and be a quilter and have sore hands, think I will just suffer through it and keep on quilting and sewing. Thanks for your advise today about my seven sisters quilt top. Cant wait to see it evolve into the quilt that the lady that sewed the top dreamed it would be.