Friday, October 10, 2014

Back-basting for Applique.

 Last week I took two days of classes with Brenda Papadakis and we worked on back-basting for applique. I had wanted to try the technique so I was very happy to be able to take a class with a master quilter. Firstly I'm sharing my photo of La Passion. I have almost finished Part 3 and I just have 2 more rows of light and dark blue respectively to stitch around the outside. You can see a small amount I stitched today on the section from six to nine o'clock on the photo.
 Back-basting is one way to place the design on the fabric and position the applique pieces accurately. First, you trace the outline of the design on the back of the background fabric. I used a light pencil to mark the design. Then you place the fabric to be appliqued on top of the right side of the background fabric. Then, using a size 8 straw needle and contrasting quilting thread, baste along the stitching lines, through both of the fabrics. In this case I basted the circles but there would not be enough seam allowance to baste the leaves so I traced them on freezer paper and will stitch them on top, using the needleturn applique method.

 The use of quilting thread and a larger needle gives you a faint outline of holes caused when removing the stitches. You clip about every second stitch and remove it as you reach it. It is an easy way to place the different pieces to applique. I don't know that it is useful for all applique but it is a very handy technique for quite a few applique projects.

I have also finished Dear Jane I-6 and will finish F-13 soon. Tomorrow I'm off to my Applique Grioup's meeting so I hope to have some lovely photos to share with you.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Annie said...

Thanks for the clear directions on back-basting! I am just collecting myself to begin my Dear Jane and this was on my bucket list to learn. Great directions, thanks!

marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

Hai Jan love the insane quilt .
dont you work with freezerpaper .
i never learned the way you applique.
sadley we can not buy those straw needles here .I tried a few shops but they never heard of it .
hugs Marijke

Grit said...

Your La Passion ist so wonderful. And I love your appliqué Jane blocks too.
Greetings Grit