Sunday, June 29, 2014

More Hexie Madness

 I have been making such good progress with my half inch hexagons on our travels that I have decided to also make an Insanity Quilt in 1930s reproduction fabrics. I will make the centres of the diamonds and flowers in Yellow and also use it for the two hexagon borders. Or at least that is the plan at the moment lol. I made 8 a couple of days ago in between working on the Insanity Quilt.
 While we traveled home I stitched neutral hexies together for the border. I made them into little flowers as this makes them easy to count and add to the border. I've also added more of the random coloured hexies to the border as well as making a few more diamonds.
So far my totals are: Diamonds 41 of 158 (369 hexies)
Flowers 13 of 64 (91hexies)
Red (border) 18 of 1068
Random coloured border 142 of 2012
Neutral 261 of 5389.
I have stitched 881 hexies of the 10,339 so it's a good start.
I don't count them until they are completely stitched and the paper removed so I have actually stitched a lot more hexies than it appears at the moment.
 I also finished off a crocheted blanket for the homeless as well as making cowboy chaps and a cowboy vest for a dress-up party for my DD and her partner.
 Now I'm off to bed before I start back at work tonight.
Hugs Jan Mac


Isabella said...

You have been busy , that's lovely of your friend to send the quilts too .

margaret said...

your hexies are coming along well, see you achieved a lot whilst travelling, still a lot to do though!