Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dover Castle

Last Thursday, 5th of June, we took the train from Amsterdam to Brussels and then the Eurostar to London. It was a very easy trip although the train was packed and there isn't as much room between the seats as the other trains we'd used in Europe. We were going to have an easier day for our first day in London but the weather was so lovely that we thought we'd visit Dover Castle to make the most of the fine weather before the predicted rain came.
  Dover Castle is only an hour and a half from London by train, then we took a taxi up to the castle. It is a very well-restored castle and was a medieval castle which was also used during WW2. There are many areas of tunnels from war time as well as from medieval times. The weather was lovely and we had a very tiring day, walking so much as well as climbing lots of stairs, but really enjoyed our time there. Ray particularly wanted to see this castle as it has withstood sieges through the years and has a very colourful history.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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Linda said...

How weird. I have followed your blog for ages and now I discover that you were visiting Dover Castle two days after I was there with my husband and our Kiwi friends! Small world. We had never been to Dover Castle before and thought it was marvellous.