Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bath, UK- Not Just Quilts.

 Bath is a beautiful old city with lots of beautiful buildings and the surrounding hills and dales are very green and lush. There is a bridge in the town, similar to Venice, where the shops are built on the side of the bridge.
 The Roman Baths are built on thermal springs and well worth the visit. I was here in 1976 when there had been little excavation so I was very surprised to see how extensively they have been exposed now.

A model which shows the extent of the original Roman baths.
 Some of the tiled floors which have been excavated.
Some of the recovered pieces from the original Roman baths.

 They have a beautiful cathedral too, next to the Roman baths.
 We stayed at the guest house just near the corner, right in the heart of the city with lovely views over the park and river.
 The view from our hotel room. Unfortunately there was no lift and we were 3 floors up. We stayed an extra night in Bath as we needed the rest. Ray had been troubled with a kidney stone and the train's motion was aggravating his pain and symptoms. Unfortunately we had to cancel our planned trip to York where we were going to meet Margaret, one of my lovely blog readers, as well as a planned visit to the Quilt Museum where I had booked to see antique quilts up close. It was a shame to have to change our plans but the extra time resting ensured Ray made it home without more problems.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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margaret said...

I have never been to Bath so it was good to see the photos, everyone says it is a beautiful city. Trust Ray is a lot better now, such a shame we could not meet up, hopefully you will come back to the UK again and then we will make new plans