Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Beginnings.

 I have started a couple of new projects, even though the number of works in progress are still fairly high, because I'm auditioning projects that I will be able to take on our travels to Europe. I have been wanting to make a reproduction of Susan McCord's Trailing Vines quilt and I have the book, Quilts From Henry Ford, so started by tracing the leaves and vines. Then I realized that it made more sense for me to free-hand cut the leaves from scraps as that would be what was done by the original quilter. You can see my progress from just a few hours and I think this will be a good project to take as it doesn't take up much room and involves fairly intense amounts of stitching without needing a lot of precision  in placement of the leaves.
 I am also working with half inch hexagons and have made some good progress with the hexagon flowers as well as the random hexagons for the border of the quilt. This is another good project to take on our travels as they are small and won't take up much room in my luggage. We'll have some waiting time for trains and planes so some stitching may be done as a change from reading.
 In the meantime I'm enjoying working on some new things but I still have a couple of quilt tops ready to quilt so I should probably put in some time on them as well. I plan on having some more to show very soon and it maybe some new projects or some older ones finished. It will just depend on how I'm feeling at the time.
Hugs, Jan Mac


ruthsplace said...

The leaves on the vine look great done in scraps.

I've found that hexagons are a great travel project for doing on planes and in those few minutes spent waiting.

margaret said...

applique piece looks good and what tiny hexies, the smallest I have done is 1". they are ideal to take when on your travels