Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Friendly Frankfurt

After a long flight with little sleep, we arrived in Frankfurt at 0530. I had been unable to select our seats prior to the lfight so we were in the middle of a row of 4 seats which made it difficult to get up and stretch. When we picked up our luggage we went to the Luftansa ticket desk and selected better seats for our flight home. Then we took the airport train into Frankfurt main station. Our hotel is right in front of the station and basic but good value, including a much better breakfast than expected.
  We spent the day riding the city's trams on a day pass and found people are very friendly and helpful, and also able to speak enough English for us to communictae, ask questions etc. We had a lovely day and saw lots of the suburbs as well as the old part of Frankfurt. Today is a public holiday here so we couldn't get a seat on the train to Paris until 1700 so we are taking the train to Koblenz for the day and then leave for the 4 hour trip to Paris.
 I was very happy I brought my hexies to work on as I got a lot done during transit. Both enjoying the trip and Ray was very happy to see all the expensive cars in the showrooms here.
Hugs, Jan Mac


marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

I,m glad you arrived in Frankfurt .I hope the weather is not to bad .
lovely photo,s.

margaret said...

have a wonderful time, I have never been to Paris, see you on 13 june