Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Family Wedding

 We had a lovely night away, attending my niece's wedding. They have requested that we don't share photos until they are able to do so. Here is my great nephew dancing on the dance floor. He is just walking and very cute.
We had a lovely time catching up with family and I managed to glue fabric to cardboard for about 3 hours during our drive home so I have made more progress in prepping hexagons on our trip. We leave in 2 nights time so there's still lots to do.
Bye for now, Jan Mac


margaret said...

good to read the wedding went off so well. Gluing fabric to card I am tutting here!! I tack mine!!!

jacaranda said...

Safe and happy travels to you both Jan, have a wonderful time away and I look forward to seeing your great photos on your blog.

Jan Mac said...

I have packed more hexies than clothes for our trip. That's not obsessive it it? LOL