Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wrestling Mrs Williams.

 I finally stopped procrastinating and got back to machine quilting, AKA wrestling, my Tribute to Mrs Williams quilt. I really should have finished it by now but I kept putting it off due to the extreme heat and then I lost confidence.That sounds strange when I have quilted at least a thousand quilts but i usually do a quick meander on my short arm quilting machine. This one is being quilted on my Janome 6600 and I think my expectations were too high which lead to procrastination. Nothing kills productivity like the stress of perfection! I psyched myself up to "Just do It!and I think I'm back on track again.
 Work and a few other things have been stressful of late so rather than face my fears with the machine quilting I've just taken time to relax with some hexagons I'd had sitting waiting for their turn in the rotation process. The hexagons are 1.25" along each side and I think this will most likely be a donation quilt. It's a great way to use up scraps and I love the peace of hand stitching.
Mrs Williams will be left to rest for a few days while I work nights and catch up on sleep. My sister gave me a lovely cup which says, "I wish I was still in bed" for my birthday. She knows me well!  Working nights is harder physically but easier mentally (usually) and it does pay well for me to travel so all for the good.
Back in a few days.
Hugs, Jan Mac


margaret said...

I am amazed 1000 quilts, I am trying to machine quilt my first at the moment. Like you I find hexies so relaxing, hand sewing ion the whole suits me better. Love the cup, must look out for one for my daughter. She has just finished 3 night shifts and finds them so exhausting.

jacaranda said...

Know how you feel, I was machine quilting my Longbourne on my Janome 6500. Have been given the go ahead to use my foot pedal after my hip replacement, but have also lost the confidence to get back into it Jan.
Only have 2 borders left to go, must get it out and re-started. Take care.

barbara woods said...

1000 quilts . good grief that's a lot of quilts

Jan Mac said...

Thanks for the kind comments ladies. Jenni, I hope I have inspired you to get back to finish off your lovely quilt. Good to hear from you Margaret and Barbara.
Hugs, Jan Mac