Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Trying To Beat The Clock

 There's been more paid work than usual so less time for quilting and I'm under time pressure to get the quilts finished for the coming Exhibitions. I have decided that hearts Desire is not going to be quilted in time so I'm working hard on finishing Mrs Williams as I have another one to finish by early April too.
   Some relaxing hand applique has meant that I have another of my Chester County Criswell quilt blocks finished, making 8 so far so I am catching up. I varied this block as I added a piece of fabric in the middle of the block instead of having a cutout of the red fabric. It reminded me of a picture frame so I added a cloth picture.
 I have finally finished out line quilting all the hand applique and just have the pieced blocks to quilt now but still lots to do.
The mindless stitching of more hexagon blocks has taken place when I've been too tired for anything more complex and this top is growing nicely, although there is no time pressure for this one.
Thanks for stopping by and I plan to spend tomorrow quilting again and hope to get most of it done as today's quilting was interrupted by family commitments.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Sharon~Two Bits Patches said...

Love the picture in the frame, it's so Gone with the Wind (except for the red uniform...)

margaret said...

quilt looks great, trust yu get done all that you want in time for the show

Jan Mac said...

Thanks for your lovely comments Sharon and Margaret.
Hugs, Jan Mac