Monday, January 6, 2014

Sashing, Sashing!

 I made good progress yesterday despite a couple of glitches! I cut one of the appliqued blocks too small and had to re-applique the hexagon to the background. Then I found that I'd also cut one of the China Plate blocks too small when I first made them so that one was re-appliqued to a new background as well. Luckily I'd stopped trimming blocks when I was making them or I might have had to re-do them all!
 Now I'm making lots of sashings. Lots of them! I'm fussy cutting them and really like the effect. I love the small leaf pattern on the blue and would have used this for the whole quilt, even though the pattern has different sashings for each round of blocks. Sadly, I didn't have enough of the fabric to use it for the whole quilt.
Now I'm making sashings for the outer edge and then I have one more set of blocks to add and another round of sashings and then the half square triangles for the outer edge. I'm happy with how it's looking and I hope to start the quilting at the weekend when I recover from the next lot of night shift.
 Hugs, Jan Mac


Kate said...

it's gorgeous, gorgeous!

soscrappy said...

Beautiful quilt! The sashing part always seems so slow and tedious, but it so exciting to see the quilt come together.

jacaranda said...

Stunning, once the sashing goes on, it feels like all that hard work is coming together. Beautiful fussy cutting.

Every Stitch said...

That is just lovely- perfect sashing choice and all the fabrics complement each other beautifully!