Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Slow Week for Stitching.

 I've had extra paid work this week so not as much time to sew as I would have liked. As it was all night shift I spent any free time sleeping and trying to get back to normal hours. I've also been busy spring cleaning even though it's summer now. When the urge to purge strikes it's a good idea to go with it and I have been busy sorting patterns etc that I've taken  from magazines.
  I did manage to get some stitching time in yesterday and have finished the last 2 triangle pieces. I am now adding some appliqued circles to some of the flowers to add some interest to the shapes.
I'd love to get started on joining all the pieces now but we have a family celebration at lunchtime and that will be a fun time with catching up with all the family again. I have another few days before I work again and I'm hoping that DH will change his mind about wanting to camp and allow me some more time at home so I can keep cleaning and stitching. We shall see! I told him it was up to him and I would go if he really wanted to be camping for 2 nights.
  We have been enjoying watching the cricket matches on TV while I make some time to stitch.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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Maria said...

I wonder if you 'won'? lol