Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wildlife of India

We saw lots of different animals while traveling through India. I rode a camel across the desert which had been on my "Bucket List".
 We saw lots of cows, which are sacred in India, as well as sheep, goats and lots of dogs. We only saw a couple of cats but also lots of bird life. Water buffaloes, horses, donkeys and camels are all used to pull drays. There were some elephants but a lot more camels as we were in a semi-arid desert area.
 These cranes are from Siberia and they migrate to avoid the harsh winters in Siberia.
 We saw lots of small squirrels darting everywhere and people were feeding fish at a local lake.
 Horses are part of the wedding ceremonies and we were lucky enough to be there during "wedding season". Grooms ride through the town on horses and the festivities last for about 3 days.

 Monkeys roamed the country roads and then jumped on the cars if you stopped for photos. I'm not sure what type they are but they had very long tails.

 The dogs have a very relaxing life and are looked after by everyone.

Here is a flock of camels. Yes I know it sounds strange but that is one of the correct collective nouns for camels. They are also known as a herd or a caravan.
 I'm still catching up on sleep and the washing as well as getting myself organized for Christmas so no sewing yet but I hope to get back to it soon.
In the meantime I hope you are enjoying the photos of our trip.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Chris Forster said...

notfairnotfairnotfair . . .
I have been to India 9 times and never yet have I seen a camel or an elephant . . . sigh . . . however, I go to the south east coast where they grow rice and cotton . . . and I have many opportunities to interact with former prostitutes, widows, orphans and share the hope we have in Jesus.

Jan Mac said...

Hi Chris, Both times I have been to India I have seen lots of camels and elephants but probably more in the north than in the south. A great place to visit with or without the animal sightings as the people are very friendly.