Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's So Surprising... many blocks you can finish off when you are working on one quilt at a time. I needed 16 Ohio Star blocks and had only made 3 so the rest were quickly sewn up and that part is done.
 I need 32 Square in a Square blocks and had completed 15. Currently I am now up to 24 and only have 8 left to make. I might leave some of those until I am up to putting them together to make sure I have a good spread of colour.
 I had a small Oops!! I was digging into the bin of fabrics I'd put aside for this quilt and found that I had already made a lot of the Half Square Triangles for this quilt. Never mind this will give me a head start on another quilt.
Now that I am focusing just on one quilt at a time I am making good progress despite working nights again. I have 6 China Plate blocks finished, 4 pieced which need to be appliqued to their background and 2 more to piece. Now I have the centre blocks to finish appliqueing and then I can start to put it all together. I'm very pleased with my progress and will have to keep my momentum going so I don't get distracted by other projects I want to finish. I'm off to bed now to recover from working nights again.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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