Saturday, November 2, 2013

Row By Row

 I'd forgotten how slow it can be to piece small pieces of fabric. Even DH asked why it was taking so long to work on this piece when i can finish off large quilts very quickly. Of course the quilts I finish quickly are not usually made up of pieces this small and using either light or dark scraps means there's not a lot of decision time required. This is actually a medallion quilt and not a row by row but at the moment I'm slowly piecing all the fabric into 2.5" hourglass blocks. Progress is slow but if I keep going it will soon be finished.
I'm using modern fabrics for an antique quilt and I'm trying to re-create the difference between tones as they appear in the original. The last round doesn't show as much variation between the two fabrics but in the original quilt there are also some rows without a lot of contrast between the fabrics. The next round will have a plainer fabric with cream. Cutting the fabric into small pieces means that I have less background showing but I hope it will be OK when it's finished.
I have 3 more rounds the same as these and then I start on the larger pieces. In the meantime I'm off to bed as I have night shift again tonight.
 Sew long.
Jan Mac

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