Monday, November 18, 2013

One Off The List

I know it's a terrible photo but time was of the essence as we were meeting my sister for coffee this afternoon and I had just finished stitching on the label. This morning I joined  the backing fabric and quilted the top with a simple free-hand loop design. The binding was stitched down by machine without any effort as I do all the donation quilts that way.
 It was a rush to get it finished but it's done, done! My sister loved it and I am relieved to have another "must do" quilt off my list. Now I can concentrate on getting ready for our flight on Friday. We have a 30kg luggage limit and I'm only taking about 11 or 12kg so I can see some shopping in my future!
  Tomorrow will be spent on taking my Dad shopping and getting organized with my packing. I need to check what medical supplies I am taking etc.
 Not long now and hopefully I will be able to share some lovely photos of our trip. I have a new camera on order so I'm crossing my fingers that it arrives tomorrow or Thursday. I know that I'll be reading the instruction booklet on the plane- that's if it arrives in time.
 Bye for now, Jan Mac

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Jan Mac said...

Dear Jan .wish you and daughter a lovely holiday .looking forward to the photos, Hugs marijke