Thursday, November 7, 2013

I've Been Whisked...

...away for a quick 4 wheel drive trip over to the Victorian High Country. We waited until the end of the public holiday so we enjoyed the beautiful camping places on our own.

 We climbed the very extreme track of Billy Goat's Bluff Track. There are lots of rocky areas to climb and it took about 1 hour and a half each way. Ray had to stop and get out to try to pick his line before we tackled some sections. The photos don't really show how steep it is.
 We reahced The Pinnacles at the end of Billy Goat Bluff Track and the views are spectacular. We had the place to ourselves here too.

We also drove along the Haunted Stream Track and the Crooked River Track on Tuesday and Wednesday and we had lots of fun river crossings. We camped at Striling and Talbotville which were both old gold mining townships but little remains to be seen now.
 We're camped at the top of a huge mountain ridge with phone and internet access tonight- at the start of the Blue Rag Track. A storm is expected tonight or tomorrow so we need to be able to get out of the rough tracks easily. We'll be home tomorrow and I hope to have more to show you very soon. I hope you have enjoyed seeing some photos of our favourite places .
Hugs, Jan Mac


Kate said...

Jan, the scenery is stunning and I love the names of the tracks. It is so hard to imagine how tough and lonely it must have been for the gold prospectors

Maria said...

Such gorgeous scenery. Thanks for taking us along on the ride.

Jan Mac said...

Thanks for stopping by and wiring lovely comments Kate and Maria.

Miriam said...

Beautiful photos of the scenery. The Haunted Stream Track brings back memories.