Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Amazing Agra

Agra is all about the Taj Mahal. It draws you to her and it's hard to leave again. Last time I was here was 38 years ago and the front of the building was covered in scaffolding which was very disappointing. This time she glistened and was a spectacular sight.

The Taj combined with lots of ladies in colourful saris was a real treat.

 It's very common to be asked to pose for photos with the locals and sometimes they stalk us and keep asking for more and more photos with extended members of their family. We've learned to say "Just one" so we can keep sight seeing.
 Do you like my "I'm a little teapot pose?"
The Taj had a soft pink sheen as the sun set and the reflections in the pool were worth capturing. It was a great day and one to remember.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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