Friday, August 30, 2013

The Domestic Goddess

 There hasn't been a lot of stitching happening here at the moment due to various family commitments but I have made time to try some new recipes. I bought a pie maker and tried my hand at making pies which will be a useful thing to have in the freezer and better than ready-made as I can control the ingredients and prevent unhealthy additives being consumed. I made 8 so far and took half of them to one of my DDs as she works long hours and they will provide some sustenance when she finishes work.
I also tried my hand at making liquid laundry detergent. I made 10 litres for less than $2 whereas buying 10 litres of liquid detergent can cost up to $82. It was easy to make and I used the recipe and instructions on the Down to Earth blog. I'm sharing these with both DDs as another way to save them some money.
 Apart from this, working night shifts has taken up my time, along with recovery from lack of sleep. I have been prepping for some hand stitching too and will show some results later.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Annette said...

Luv my pie maker, also lovely for sweet pies...I usually fill up the freezer early each winter with all types of fillings,especially using up left over casserole!!! Enjoy

Maria said...

Hmm the pies do look good. And well done at making the detergent too. Is there anything you can't do'er a wonder.

Gina E. said...

You are certainly getting into the spirit of things on Rhonda's DTE blog! I haven't got around to making my own soap or detergent, but that's a bit pointless for me as there is only the two of us and a container of Morning Fresh lasts me for months, as do cakes of soap. Still, it is a fascinating forum to read!