Friday, July 26, 2013

Out of Range

 I really had intended to keep blogging regularly but a lack of phone and internet reception made that impossible. We are just waiting and resting up before we head to The Cape and I finally have some time to post blogs about our trip. I think I'll shelve the travel blog for now as just trying to upload photos to one blog will be challenge enough. We met up with a small group of 4wd friends in Broken Hill and traveled with them for a week, following the Burke and Wills' trail.
 We found a lovely freshwater lake on our way to Innamincka and it is such a rarity in this area that we had to stop and inspect it.
 We also found Sturt's depot camp and early cemetery.
 The early explorers blazed their intitials and date into trees to mark their passage but not all the trees have survived.

 Many children of the pioneers died at a young age.
 We climbed for 1.5km to reach the summit of this part of the range, overlooking Sturt's bush camp, named Depot Glen.
Sturt had his men build a cairn of rocks (plenty to chose from) to prevent boredom while they waited for favourable weather conditions to allow them to continue home. The cairn is 18' by 20' and is on a mountain named Mt Poole for one one Sturt's men who died here. The expedition took place in 1845 and was part of our trip to visit all the corners where our States adjoin.
  More to come if internet connection allows. We're having a lovely time with beautiful sunny days and cool nights. The new camper is traveling well and it's been relaxing to sit around the fire and enjoy some quiet time.
Sorry I've been MIA for a while and although phone connection is lacking in a lot of areas here I hope to update more frequently.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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