Friday, June 7, 2013

Scrap Happy and Forward Planning- or Being Sidetracked?

 We're busy getting things finalized before we head off on our 4WD trip and I've also been busy getting family things sorted before we leave, taking Dad clothes shopping, taking up his new trousers etc. I haven't had much time on the sewing machine as I have started to make lists of things to take and things to finish. I did have a bit if a play in the remaining scrap bins and have also found some templates that will be fun to use. I found some for a 4" Bow Tie block and have started making a couple to see if I want to make some of the scraps up into this pattern. I can see that it would make a good baby quilt in pinks or blues, or even a more scrappy one using light fabrics other than cream and mixing them with light or dark backgrounds.
 I'm also dithering over which project I want to take with me. I don't usually sew while we are away and I have sorted my wool and yarn scraps into a bag so I can crochet squares while we travel. Gina, that black yarn will be perfect for me to join the blocks together and crochet an edge on the blankets too, so many thanks for that donation.
  I have plenty of reproduction quilts I want to make but also have some more contemporary fabrics to use so I think I may kit up this design of Michelle Yeo's to take with me as it is a combination of applique and hand piecing. I have pulled out a selection of reds and think they will go well with the white fabric with small black circles for the background. I also want to add black with white as I know DH will love a red, black and white quilt. I'm not sure if I'll use the bright green with them but I think the reds will look great with the background. I may of course change my mind about which project to take but I'll kit this one up anyway as I have wanted to make it for some time. I am still piecing the China Plate blocks for Mrs Williams too.
  I know I could make the Bow Tie blocks much more quickly on the machine but I have really fallen in love with hand piecing as I spend so much time at the sewing machine that it is more relaxing to have some hand stitching to do as well, and if there is no rush for the project then I can enjoy the process. The baby quilts will most likely to be for any future grandchildren, or I can make them larger if needed.
 I'm back on night shift again tonight so I hope you are all getting some time for stitching while I am sleeping. I'm also getting some audio books ready to take on our trip as it relieves the days of long drives in the outback when you may not see a car for a few days.
 Take some time for stitching.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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Gina E. said...

That's good - I'm happy I sent it to you then! Have a great trip!