Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Whole Lot of Hats.

 Our weather is just beautiful at the moment with lovely sunny autumn days and it's so nice to have finished with the hot days of summer at last. I've been excavating the sewing room and sorting fabric again- not fun but necessary at times. When I took a break I worked on another hexagon flower and I can see the end in sight for the hexagon quilt which is encouraging.
 I also received a parcel absolutely stuffed with knitted beanies from Sharyn Caspar of Vic.  There were 24 and they are in lovely bright colours and will bring some warmth and cheer to the needy this winter.
  I plan in crocheting more squares tonight so progress is happening here and I have more sorting of projects to do again tomorrow. At least I can reward myself with some stitching too.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Joy V said...

Love the beanies from Sharyn. Very colourful. I'm glad to hear that you are finding some time for yourself.

Sue SA said...

Gorgous beanies, I can see some footy team colours in there!