Sunday, March 31, 2013

Somewhere in Tasmania

We are really enjoying our travels in Tasmania but have found the internet to be almost unworkable as the signal cuts in and out even in Hobart. We are back on the west of Tasmania, heading down through the lakes area and out to Strathgordon. I'll have to wait unbtilk we return home before I can blog about it though as it is extremely frustrating when the internet cuts out.
  We loved Richmond and this is the oldest bridge in Australia. We also saw some lovely quilts by Tasmanian quilters, at the Female Factory in Hobart. This one was made by Helen Ducker of Hobart and it is displayed at the Matron's Cottage at the Female Factory (Prison) Hobart.
 I'll check back when the internet connection allows.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

That's a beautiful quilt, is it an antique or a reproduction? The centre panel is so unique. Enjoy the rest of your Tasmanian holiday.

Fran said...

Anything other than Telstra is useless. We're sure that Telstra's trying to convert us all to NBN down the track! welcome to our world!!!!

Maria said...

Lovely quilt! Shame about the poor internet connection; it can be rather frustrating when travelling.

jacaranda said...

We love the bakery at Richmond. Have a great time.

kaiteM said...

Hi Jan, enjoy your internet free holiday. It was lovely to see the Richmond Bridge again, my memories of it date to my early childhood.

Sue said...

I saw the Female Factory a few years ago. All the history on that beautiful island is so sad.

Enjoy your trip.

Sue, Canada

Helen from Hobart said...

Hi Jan, that must be the best photo I have seen of my quilt. You must be a brilliant photographer.
It is not a reproduction, but made in the spirit of the Rajah Quilt, using fabrics from my stash which I thought looked old - and if they didn't I coloured them darker.
The centre is a drawing of the Hobart wharf in 1840 - the building is the Customs House Hotel, which is still standing opposite Parliament House.
The convict women arrived on the Rajah is 1841, so this is what they would have seen.

Jan Mac said...

Thanks for adding your comments about your beautiful quilt Helen. I'm just a point and click photographer and the light wasn't great so I was surprised at how well the photo turned out too.
Hugs, Jan