Saturday, December 1, 2012

Trying to Beat the Heat

It has been incredibly hot the last few days and it has made sleeping during the day a bit of a trial. I have finished working night shifts for this week though so today was a chance to get some more quilts finished to donate to the needy for Christmas.
I made backings for two donated tops, made a quilt top from a donated wall hanging and also made more QAYG blocks so not a back days work despite the heat. I have quilted the donated top as well as the tulip top which started life as a wall hanging until I added more squares to make it larger. The photos of finished quilts will be on my other blog and now I'm back to the sewing machine to stitch some more QAYG blocks together. I plan to fill another box to send off to a group which collects gifts for the needy to receive at Christmas time.
 I hope you are all enjoying some stitching time wherever you live. Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs Jan Mac

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barbara woods said...

i worked the night shift for 8 months once and hated it