Sunday, December 9, 2012

Decisions And An Early Gift

 I can laugh now but it was stressful here for a short while as I tried to find some fabric for a WIP. I took a class 2 years ago to make these Sunflower blocks and have made 6 so far. I've put the background fabric away and misplaced it after the class so work stopped on the blocks. I found it again and put it in a safe place. Sadly I had a big clean up on the weekend and when I went to get the fabric again today I couldn't find it. I know I didn't move it on the weekend but couldn't remember when I last saw it. After seeking for an hour I decided that I'd have to substitute another fabric and found one which would work for alternate blocks. You can see in the first photo that it is a pretty good match. I told my DH that as soon as I decided to use another fabric I was sure to find the original. I pressed the new fabric and cut 5 strips measuring 2.5" across the width so I would be able to mark the templates on them. I literally put the cutter down and turned around and spotted the fabric had slipped  behind some tops I had ready for quilting. So panic is over but I've now stored all the fabric for this quilt in the one basket, as well as the new fabric, in case it happens again.
  I'm going to try hand piecing the sunflowers because I seem to have more time for hand sewing than machine work at the moment and I need to get these done before I lose any more pieces lol. My other downfall is that I often change my mind about the design once I start a project. The pattern calls for 13 sunflower blocks but I am thinking of making 20 and setting them slightly differently. When I take a class I like to alter the pattern a bit so at quilt shows it doesn't look like we all took the same class.
   I did spend a lot of yesterday making more QAYG blocks as well as tidying all the scraps and I have another quilt finished and a set of blocks ready to be put together. They will have to wait as I have more paid work for the next few nights. You can see from the photos that I use all sorts of scraps and odd blocks for the QAYG blocks and backing squares. A lot of these bits and pieces have been donated and they all help to make more quilts.
   I also received a lovely gift of fabric and time from Kerry Shelberg (NSW) again. She sent another lovely box of fabric already  pressed and cut into strips so it makes it very easy to use them on the QAYG blocks and I can get quite a few made in a short time. Thanks for your ongoing support everyone as it has made it much quicker to get quilts finished and donated.
 I hope all your plans for Christmas include some time for you. I plan to stitch these pesky sunflowers before I lose (misplace or hide)  the fabric again.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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FeatherDuster said...

Your sunflower blocks are gorgeous!