Thursday, December 27, 2012

Another Welcome Package

We have enjoyed fun times with family over the Christmas break and I'm also enjoying watching the cricket match on TV. As a change from stitching I've been crocheting more squares and almost have enough to put together for a blanket for the needy.
 I also received this lovely large box of many different fabrics and even a lovely jelly roll all donated by Kerry Shelberg (NSW). All of these lovely bits and pieces will help to make some more quilts for comfort. I have a new jelly roll book too so I plan to have fun making a donation quilt and trying out a new pattern at the same time. Thank you very much Kerry for your continued support for the needy.
 I'm off to paid work again tomorrow but hope to get some more QAYG blocks done as well as finishing off the blanket. I'm using up lots of odd bits and pieces of yarn (some was even tapestry wool) and the squares are an ideal project to work on when I don't need to watch what I am doing.
   I hope you are all enjoying some time to spend with family and friends and maybe some time for stitching too.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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Maria said...

The blanket will be much appreciated by some needy person Jan xx