Wednesday, November 14, 2012

While I Was Sleeping

 This week seems to have disappeared while I was sleeping and working night shift. I enjoy the work but it does cut into my quilting time. On the other hand it does pay for a lot of the donation quilts and I've been ordering more books to enjoy.
 Luckily while I was sleeping other lovely quilters have stepped up and have been very busy sewing and knitting for the needy. The first large parcel came from Kerry Shelberg (NSW) and she was also the very generous quilter who sent the mystery box a week ago. Kerry has been very busy and sent more fabric, many pieces of which were sewn into long strips for Chinese Coins quilts, as well as more large pieces for a top and backing. They will make more lovely quilts so a very big thank you for your help, Kerry.
 Ruth Crocombe from New Guinea has also been very busy with more knitting for the needy. She sent a lovely knitted vest for a child as well as two more knitted beanies. I can imagine how hot it must be up in New Guinea so I really appreciate all your lovely knitting for the needy too Ruth.
 I have also finished taking apart the embroidered 1930s quilt so I can make some repairs and then re-quilt it using a new backing, which will prolong its life. The top of the quilt was quite ragged and I will be replacing the borders as most of the fabric is too worn to be used again. I'll be checking the blocks too to make sure they are all in good repair.
  The last few days have been busy with family commitments so i hope to get some more stitching done very soon before I have more paid work.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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ruthsplace said...

Glad they arrived safely.