Monday, September 3, 2012

Getting Acquainted

 Today was very productive as I spent time getting better acquainted with my new work-horse and easily finished off another QAYG quilt. Everything is operated using a foot pedal and you can't lift the presser foot by hand so I'm getting used to the new action but I'm very impressed with how easily it glides over the thickness of all the batting.
  Then I took some time for me and finished off another Civil War Bride block which makes 5 of 20 finished. I've also been prepping more blocks to stitch so I really want to get this one finished ASAP as there are more quilts percolating in my brain at the moment. I have also brought out my Baltimore Album quilt and I'm piecing the sashing strips and joining the blocks so should have more to show soon. I know that I should hand quilt this one but I plan to machine quilt it as I want it finished this century and I still have a 1930s quilt which I'm hand quilting.
  I hope to have more to show tomorrow and even DH is impressed with the Baltimore blocks. I plan to finish it and enter it in the Vic Quilters exhibition next year as I have been quilting since 1978 and have never entered a major show. Hopefully it will be good enough to be accepted for display.
 Hugs, Jan Mac


jacaranda said...

Love your Baltimore blocks. It is nice that you are doing something for yourself also Jan. Take Care.

Gina E. said...

Oh Jan, they are stunning! You are sure to win a prize with the finished quilt. I've entered my bits and pieces in both Whittlesea and Lilydale shows, and it is such a buzz to see them on display, even if they didn't win any prizes (but it is exciting when they do!)

Jan Mac said...

Thanks Jenni and Gina. I doubt that I will win any prizes but if we don't enter quilts there wouldn't be a Show and I think it's time I participated. DH loves the Baltimore and he's seen a lot of quilts so not easily impressed LOL.