Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Donations to Share

 I received two more lovely parcels of donations and they will soon be on their way to a group which helps the needy. The first parcel was from Gina W. (Vic) and Gina has been busy again making another lovely tartan quilt as well as sending a lovely crocheted knee blanket.
  Delys R from WA has also been busy with her knitting and she sent another lovely 7 knitted beanies which will keep some lucky people warm this winter as well as some lovely tote bags.
  Thank you all for your ongoing support. I spent most of the day knitting the baby jacket as I wanted to concentrate on the pattern. It has 250 stitches and if I make a mistake that's a tedious job to correct it. I managed to get it finished up to the yoke which is plain stocking stitch so I can happily knot and watch the Olympics tonight. Once I got the knitting up to the easier part of the pattern I then quilted 2 tops and have almost pieced another backing. I plan to finish the bindings and quilt at least another quilt tomorrow so check my other blog for updtaes tomorrow.
 Is anyone else watching the Olympics? I enjoy it when I'm not busy with paid work. Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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