Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wood Fires and Baby Quilts

 It's school holidays here and it's time to have the children and grand child here to have fun and spend some time together. Youngest DD is home on holidays and wants to make lots of clothes as well as 2 baby quilts. Her best friend is having a baby very soon and she wanted to make the new baby a quilt but also wants it to be for a boy or girl. It would be very rushed to try and make one once the baby is born so she's making a boy and a girl quilt and will add the child's name and birth date when they are known. She'll get as much done as possible and then stitch the names when she returns to Melbourne. I'll finish it off and quilt it when I receive the stitchery. She wanted to use a 4 patch pattern and we made it up as we went, which is how I do lots of quilts. They will have a border to frame the 4 patches and I'll show a photo when they are finished. I also have quilts to make for nieces who have had babies recently- one was a boy and one a girl. I should have cut twice as many squares and made them at the same time but DD wanted her's to be different so I'll probably make a different pattern.
   As it's winter we also had to cut firewood today. It was a race to get it done before it rained again but it's all stacked neatly now and waiting to be used. My brother tells me that wood warms you 3 times- when you cut it, when you stack it and then when you burn it. The bonus with having DD home is that she loves to cook and I'm very tired after the wood cutting so I'm happy to have a meal prepared for us. her holiday time will go very quickly so I'm making the most of it and will get back to the donation quilts next week.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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Gina E. said...

LOL, I like your brother's quip about being heated three times over with wood cutting! When we have a dead tree taken down, we get the blokes to cut the trunks and branches into neat little chunks so they can be collected and put straight onto somebody's fire. We don't have an open fire unfortunately, so we leave any wood out on the nature strip, and it usually disappears the same day.
Did you get an email from Julie in the USA about starting up a charity quilt blog for their fire victims? She is very impressed by your work!