Friday, July 13, 2012


 A busy week of lots of activities and a lot of versatility was required. We cut more wood before the expected deluge occurred and the paddocks are now awash with the resultant rainfall.  We already have 2 large and one small rain water tanks and I often think we should get more to take advantage of all this "free" water.
  Dressmaking was also taking precedence this week and I needed to be flexible to work around  Buffy, our DD's kitten. She likes to be where the action takes place and she kept lying down on the fabric and pattern. It was very slippery satin fabric and a difficult one to sew with as it was so we had to ban her until the cutting out of the pieces had taken place. This was a dress with one shoulder strap and made for a jungle theme party DD was attending soon. Sadly with the rush to finish it I forgot to take a photo of it when it was done. I also took in another dress and had to take the zipper out as it was a side zipper and the sides needed to be taken in. In future I need to remember to use patterns with zippers in the back so they are easier to adjust- as DD likes to have them fitted around her waist area.
  Next was altering a skirt which I'd found with matching top for the some price of $1 for both pieces. The frilly ruffle will make this ideal for DD's ballroom dancing costumes. It was made from chiffon and satin and had a satin ruched waist which made it look dated. I removed the ruched piece and then restitched the waist facing, not having to replace the zipper down further made this an easy change.
  Lastly I made another A line skirt. I can make these in less than an hour as I have the pattern drafted to the right side and they are very quick to finish now. It will make a nice skirt for spring time which I hope will be here soon.
  DD has gone back to Melbourne now that her holidays are almost over so I plan to have a big week finishing off more quilts. I love dressmaking but quilts are so easy when they can be made to fit anyone without tweaking the pattern LOL. Of course I have to fit this in with some more night shifts so I'd better get off the computer for now.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend doing what you most enjoy.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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kaiteM said...

Your sewing looks lovely, clever girl Puss is doing what pusses always do, sit or lie right where you're paying the most attention, amazing isn't it.