Monday, July 23, 2012

Searching The Stash

 Not a lot of quilting activity happening here for most of the week as paid work took up most of my time. When I wasn't working I was catching up on sleep. Today I finally had time for more finishes and time to blog.
 I quilted and bound 3 quilts and they will be shown on my other blog at Oz Comfort Quilts. I searched the stash and found some tartan fabric which was an ideal backing for 2 of the tartan quilts that Gina (Vic) has sent and they will be perfect for boys/men.
 I finished crocheting a large blanket for DH as he likes to take a nap on the couch and none of the quilts were long enough. I may still have to make him another longer quilt as he's not sure it's warm enough for him. I've been buying variegated yarn and crocheting whenever I have spare time so I also have another blanket that I'm finishing off to donate.
  I also received more lovely string pieced blocks from Kaite M. (NSW) and have joined them together with some others I've received so they are now a finished quilt (shown on my other blog). I also made some backings for more tops I need to quilt and donate as well as making a nut loaf, chocolate slice, yoghurt and a roast chicken with roast vegetables for our evening meal.
 The postman also brought a lovely baby beanie made by Ruth Crocombe and all the doinations will bring some warmth for this winter.
Many thanks, Jan Mac

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Lynne said...

Those variegated yarns come up so well crocheted into squares and then joined by the black yarn. Love it!