Thursday, May 3, 2012

Delivering Quilts and a Train Trip

 I had a break from paid work and we had family to visit in Melbourne so we took a couple of days break and delivered 12 quilts for a camp for abused kids. DH has also always wanted to ride on the Puffing Billy train which is a 1900s train which has been restored and is run by volunteers. I have been on the train a few times but as it was on DH's Bucket List we decided to take an extra day for the train ride.
  It's a lovely relaxing trip and although the day was a bit wet and overcast for most of the day we did enjoy the journey. The train runs from Belgrave to Gembrook and most of the tourists only travel half way to Lakeside and then take the return train. The line from lakeside to Gembrook has only been opened since 1998 and I hadn't traveled that part before so we did the whole trip and we were lucky to chose this week to travel as they close that part of the line for winter as they don't get enough tourists making that part of the trip. DH and I were the only travelers to Gembrook on Wednesday, along with 6 train staff volunteers. We enjoyed a lunch at the Gembrook Bakery and then sat by the fire in the station until we made the return trip.
 We finished off the night with a Trivia night at a local pub and caught up with our youngest DD and her friend. We came 3rd I think thanks to the spread of ages we were able to cover more topics. LOL.
 It was a lovely break but the weather has certainly cooled off and winter will be here before we know it so I'd better get busy quilting for the needy again.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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Gina E. said...

Puffing Billy is fun to ride on in any weather! Sounds like you had a lovely day regardless, and I bet those kids will be glad of the quilts you delivered in the next few days...brrrr! I cut out the blocks for my next quilt top - Wagga style in brushed cotton tartan blocks - great for the blokes! Hope to have it in the mail later this week.