Tuesday, February 14, 2012


While we were in Yangshuo we took a bike ride into the countryside and ate a lovely meal cooked by one of the village ladies. The food was simple and delicious. The bike ride was challenging as the road surface was uneven and there were many areas of half hidden rocks to trap the rider. Unfortunately I fell off my bike and was lucky not to have broken any bones as I fell on a downward slope with rocks. I had some large bruises and paid for a minivan to take me back to the hotel instead of riding the return trip. As the road rules are unclear and it was getting dark I was very happy not to tackle to ride back and was relieved when the others returned too. The scenery was interesting and it was great to be able to walk through a smaller village and see how the locals live.

We also took a cooking class which taught us 3 local dishes and also included a trip to the local market. Seeing all the different animals which were to be consumed was a bit challenging but we were out in a country area and China is a poor country with many people struggling to afford food so they eat everything, and I mean everything!
We enjoyed the cooking class and we cooked chicken with peanuts, beer fish ( a local delicacy) and vegetable dumplings. After the class we ate our creations for our lunch and the food was spicy as that is typical for the region.
More snippets of China to come soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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