Saturday, February 11, 2012

Upcycling for $1

I've been checking out the local Op Shops for some bargains which I can up-cycle/remake into something useful to donate.
The first fleece blanket was made from donated fleece and I doubled it, stitched both pieces together, and then bound it so it will be a good blanket for the homeless.
The next item was a strapless top which I made into a carry/tote bag and it will be donated as will the second bag made from some board shorts. I bought both of these items for $1 and they were easy to re-fashion into bags. The strapless top had a band for the waist area so I took that off, stitched across the bottom to make the bag, and then used the band to make handles for the bag.
My pet peeve is seeing people having to use plastic bags to carry their worldly goods and I make and donate as many bags as possible. The homeless need them as well as kids going into foster care etc. Some make good shopping bags and others are great to carry quilts or blankets.
I've only managed to knit two beanies this week but I have also crocheted enough squares to make another blanket.
The Homeless Connect Day for Melbourne will be held on March 19th so I need to get some more items finished in time to get them to Melbourne. At least I can crochet while I watch the cricket on TV.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Joy V said...

Jan, these are a great idea. Never thought of making bags for the homeless out of recycling stuff. Would be great if they could be waterproof - would using old/recycled plastic back tablecloths work? If so, will have a look for some.

Gina E. said...

Jan, you think of everything! Our opshop gets HEAPS of bags - people bring their trash and treasure in all kinds of totebags, and don't want them back. I'm not talking about plastic bags, or even the supermarket 'green' bags. I mean nice canvas tote bags. Would you like me to gather some up and send them over?
(BTW I'm still looking for those crocheted granny square I mentioned earlier...hope I didn't chuck them out)

Lynne said...

Some great ideas there Jan.

Jan Mac said...

Thanks for the comments. Joy I think that any bag would be useful and in any size as they use them for different purposes. I also make larger totes out of rubber backed curtain fabric and they wear well and are fairly waterproof.
Gina any bags you have would be great and you could send them to Needy Stitches, 7 Hannah St Seaford, Vic, then they will reach them in time for the Homeless Connect Day in Melb on 19th March.
Many thanks, Jan Mac