Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cross Stitch Tuesday Part 6

I can't believe it but I finished the cross stitch Kate Greenaway Alphabet sampler that was published in 1979 and I bought it that year to make during my first pregnancy.
Well you know how that idea went as I was working full time until I was 42 weeks pregnant. I remember wanting to come into labour so I could get a break from work LOL.
I finished this piece during the week and I think I'll make it into a wall hanging as it will cost about $200 to have it framed and it's too large to frame it myself.
The next piece of cross stitching shown here are 7 pieces made for me by our eldest DD when she was recovering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She did them as a surprise for me and it was a wonderful gift as I know and appreciate how much work she put into these. They just need some outline stitching and some beading and I will frame these with a bought frame as they are fairly small on 18ct aida. I want to get them finished so she can see how much I love and appreciate her work on these.
I had root canal done today so I won;t be doing much tonight but I have found a few projects I'd bought and never even started so stay tuned for some new projects to appear here.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Mary-anne said...

You go girlfriend!!!
Well done

Merilyn said...

Great finish on the Cross Stitch there Jan!! Can't wait to see it framed. Your DD did a lovely job on hers too!! very nice!!!

kaiteM said...

32 years later, better late than never, i'm sure there are a few UFO's around here that are equally as old, but i hope it doesn't mean you're pregnant again? chortle chortle!!
Ouch to the root canal, have an early night.

willywagtail said...

It's wonderful that the ABC is finished. I remember buying a large poster with these same type of letters quite possible also back in the '70s for a friend who had just had a baby. Hope your mouth starts to feel better soon. Cherrie

Lynne said...

Your finished work and your daughter's work are both lovely! I have had CFS - hope you daughter is well and truly over it now!

Maria said...

Lots of congratulations on finishing a UFO. I really must equal your efforts.
Love your daughters series, they will look wonderful framed

Jorge Cubells said...

could tell me where to buy the cross stitch pattern of Kate Greenaway's drawings? thanks


Jan Mac said...

I tried to send you a private email Jorge but couldn't find your email address. The pattern is an older one and now out of print but you may be able to find it on ebay.
Kind regards, Jan