Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Wonderful Donations

I've received more wonderful donations from my very generous blog readers and these will be on their way to help the needy very soon. Kaite Matilda (NSW) has very kindly knitted 20 mini Christmas stockings and they are really cute and will be used to hold lollies and given as a gift to the homeless in Melbourne and surrounds. Thank you so much for making them Kaite as I have been busy quilting and not made as many as I'd intended.
Gina Wilson (Vic0 also has found this lovely half finished quilt at an op shop and very kindly sent it to me to finish off and donate on her behalf. It just needs to be quilted and then it will be very gratefully received by a needy person. It won't take me long to get it finished and then I'll wash it to freshen it up. The photo of the finished quilt will be on my other blog very soon and I have just uploaded photos of quilts I've finished this week. That's all for now as I'm off to my paid job.
Many thanks for all your help, readers.
hugs, Jan Mac


Maria said...

What a great op shop find by Gina! Those Christmas stockings are so cute Kaite!!

kaiteM said...

i was very happy to make those christmas stockings Jan, glad you received them ok. the quilt you wrote about looks like it will come up just fine when it's finished too. take care, k.

Gina E. said...

Glad it got there okay, and that you will be able to put it to good use :-)