Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Finishes

Although I haven't finished as many quilts in the past week I did manage to get some other items finished. The colourful blanket is large enough to fit a single (twin) bed and will be donated to an organization which helps the needy. I often crochet while I'm waiting for a meal to cook or while I'm watching TV so the blankets seem to make themselves without a lot of effort.
I also finished off a crocheted baby blanket as well as a pair of boxer shorts for an 8 year old girl and both will be donated too.
The boxer shorts were made from the fabric I had left over from making some PJ pants for my DD. I'm trying to avoid putting fabric back into the cupboard after it's been used for a project and I just cut the largest size of shorts I could get from the fabric. I'll get a top to match it and it will make a Christmas gift perhaps.
I also had a lovely phone call from the new mum who loved the quilt for Myles. She said it brought tears to her eyes that she had such a lovely quilt with her son's name on it. They are both doing well and it was a lovely surprise to receive her call as she certainly has enough to focus on at the moment. It's always lovely to hear that someone loves a quilt you've made for them and I hope I have made some quilts that their families will treasure for years to come.
I also finished a couple of quilts and the photos are shown on my other blog.
The weather has been beautiful so far this week and now I just have to adjust my sleeping pattern to fit in with daylight saving again. LOL
Hugs Jan Mac

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