Friday, September 23, 2011

A Good Week for Finishes

I managed to finish 6 quilts this week and the last 3 are on my other blog at Oz Comfort Quilts if you want to check them out. One is another QAYG and the other two were donated tops.
I also finished off the red scarf and knitted a hat to match so they will be put away until they are needed.
I also enjoyed starting to work on the alphabet cross stitch that I showed on a previous post. I am enjoying it as I have bought one of those magnifying glasses which hangs around your neck, and being able to see the linen makes it so much easier to work on it. I was having trouble counting the linen threads before and I guess that's why I stalled on finishing it. I will probably make it into a quilted wall hanging and I appreciate the comments from my readers. I have some more finished cross stitch pieces which need to be made into something. I will make some into wall hangings and some into cushions but the really large pieces which have taken lots of hours of work may need to be framed. In that case I'll need to save my pennies for those special ones to be framed. I wonder if family are more likely to treasure them if they are framed or made into a quilt?
At least if I have them finished I can enjoy them rather than having them stuffed away in a cupboard.
Have a good weekend everyone. We have family coming to stay so there may not be much quilting done but lots of chat and laughter.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Johanna Zweden said...

I have made many embroideries over the last year and I am thinking as-well to make one big quilt out of that.
I just went to the charity site, lovely quilts, I make quilts in Sweden, for 2 charities in Holland.
It gives you pleasure to read when they are given to those children.
Have a nice weekend.
Love Johanna

Gina E. said...

Glad you liked my/our suggestions! I look forward to seeing some wall hangings and cushions on your blog some time in the future ;-)
I've nearly finished a quilt top for you - don't forget I want to pay you whatever it costs to quilt (backing and wadding etc), so do let me know by email.